Fast buds review 2023

Fast Buds’ Strains in 2023: The Perfect High for a Skater Boy Stoner

As a California skater boy stoner, I’m always on the hunt for new strains that provide me with the perfect high. Fast Buds has some of the finest strains around in 2023, and I’m here to review them.

Auto Amnesia Haze

Auto Amnesia Haze is one of the best new strains in the Fast Buds lineup this year. An sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain offers an incredible high that provides stimulation and creativity. Perfect for getting those creative juices flowing, this strain helps me perform and relax at the same time – just what I need to conquer the skate park!

Gorilla Glue

This famous hybrid is so named because it’s so sticky and delicious that it’s as if “it glues itself to your tongue”. The high this strain offers is heavy and intense, yet calming at the same time. This is an ideal strain for a skater boy stoner such as myself, as it provides a unique balance of stimulating the mind and mellowing the muscles.

Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake is a pungent, indica-dominant hybrid from Fast Buds that has quite the reputation among skater boy stoners. I’m no exception – this strain has a wonderful aroma and it provides the most satisfying, calming high. Its effects last for hours, allowing me to get my skate on while in a tranquil, satisfied state.

Critical Orange Punch Autoflower

As far as autoflowers go, Critical Orange Punch Autoflower is a standout. This strain is energizing and dreamy, providing a powerful high that leaves me feeling relaxed and stimulated. I love taking this strain on the street as I skate – it provides a sense of calm yet adventurous energy that helps me focus and keep my head up.

Fast Buds has achieved something remarkable with their 2023 lineup – they have created the perfect strains for a skater boy stoner, like me. Get your hands on these and you won’t be let down. I’m giving Fast Buds five stars for this collection!