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Best weed blogs to follow in 2023

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Blaze Green here, your trusted guide through the ever-evolving world of cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or a curious newcomer, I’m here to share the latest and greatest from the world of weed.

From the rolling hills of Humboldt County to the bustling dispensaries of Denver, I’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the most accurate, up-to-date, and exciting information about our favorite plant. I’ve met with growers, scientists, doctors, and everyday users like you and me, all in the pursuit of understanding and appreciating cannabis in all its forms.

In this journey, we’ll explore everything from the newest strains hitting the market to the most innovative consumption methods. We’ll delve into the science behind the plant, the politics that surround it, and the culture that celebrates it. And of course, we’ll share some personal anecdotes, reviews, and tips along the way.

So whether you’re here to learn, to laugh, or simply to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, I’m glad you’ve joined us. Let’s light up, lean back, and dive into the world of cannabis together. Welcome to the Blaze Green experience!

  1. The Cannabist: A marijuana-focused offshoot of The Denver Post, offering a mix of news, features, and consumer-oriented reviews related to cannabis.
  2. NORML: A blog dedicated to reforming marijuana laws since 1970, providing updates on legislation, studies, and advocacy efforts.
  3. Leafly: The world’s largest cannabis information resource, offering strain reviews, lifestyle tips, industry news, and cannabis culture.
  4. Cannabis Culture: An activist magazine dedicated to liberating marijuana, providing news about marijuana & hemp around the world.
  5. MJBizDaily: A blog providing cannabis business information since 2011, offering industry news, trends, and insights.
  6. The Weed Blog: A comprehensive source of important marijuana-related information, covering news, culture, science, cooking, growing, industry, and advocacy.
  7. Cannabis Now: A reliable resource for cannabis news, culture, marijuana laws, cultivation tips, strain reviews, and cannabis industry events.
  8. High Times: A long-standing resource for cannabis news, culture, brands, and marijuana legalization laws.
  9. R/Marijuana: A Reddit community discussing all things related to marijuana, from news to personal stories and advice.
  10. The 420 Times: A marijuana news magazine providing breaking news and in-depth articles on various topics related to cannabis.
  11. Marijuana Moment: A one-stop source for all your cannabis news, covering topics from science and health to culture and business.
  1. Hail Mary Jane: With over 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry, this blog helps consumers find the very best cannabis, CBD, and vape products.
  2. Ganjapreneur: A digital trade journal, newsletter, and educational resource for the cannabis industry, delivering succinct, reliable coverage of issues affecting cannabis business owners.
  3. Cannabis Business Times: This blog tells important stories about cannabis cultivators and hosts the annual Cannabis Conference.
  4. Drug Policy Alliance: The nation’s leading organization promoting drug policies grounded in health, equity, & human rights.
  5. New Cannabis Ventures: This blog contributes original content and curates quality news on only the most promising cannabis companies and the most influential investors.
  6. Cannabis Industry Journal: Provides educational content to the global marketplace on all legitimate aspects of the cannabis industry.
  7. Canna Law Blog: This blog provides insights into the legal challenges and opportunities in the cannabis industry.
  8. DOPE Magazine: Defending Our Plant Everywhere, DOPE Magazine provides news and articles related to cannabis culture and industry.
  9. The Marijuana Times: A leading source of cannabis news, providing the latest breaking business, science, and legislative news in the cannabis industry.
  10. Cannabis Business Executive: Recreational, Medical, Marijuana, Cannabis, And Hemp News for Cannabis Businesses.
  11. Marijuana Moment: All your cannabis news, in one place.
  12. MJNews Network: The Voice of Legal Cannabis.
  13. Green Market Report: Cultivating the Industry’s Financial, Business and Economic News into one source.
  14. Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments And News. Roots Of A Budding Industry.™: Longest running Marijuana Investment news site in the world.
  15. Marijuana Venture: The Journal of Professional Cannabis Growers & Retailers.
  16. Cannabis | Weed | Marijuana | News: About cannabis (drug), news, and legalization country-wise.
  17. Cannabis News: Your Cannabis News and Information Website.
  18. AllBud: AllBud provides the best online information on cannabis and marijuana for medical therapy and adult use. Members and followers count on current news products, research, and legislation.
  19. The Stoner Mom: The Stoner Mom, also known as Kathryn, is a thirty-something, yoga-pants-wearing, mom to four. In addition to her role as mother and wife, she is also an enthusiastic medical recreational marijuana (and hemp) advocate.
  20. NewsMunchies: Lawyer, journalist, lecturer and marijuana advocate. NM revolutionizes the way people talk and think about cannabis and medical marijuana.
  21. Cannabis Hemp Blog: A blog about promoting a better and more sustainable future by fighting for the legalization of industrial hemp.
  22. StonerDays | Marijuana Blog: Marijuana Blog is for stoners or anyone that would like information on Marijuana. Get answers to questions you have about Marijuana.
  23. Audio Kush: Audio Kush is an international Media Organization, dedicated to promoting and exploring the wide variety of cannabis culture and lifestyle all over the world.