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Potterheads Rejoice: The Best Weed for Each Hogwarts House

Hello, magical herb enthusiasts! Blaze Green here, your guide to the green, and a diehard Potterhead! Now, have you ever wondered which cannabis strain complements your Hogwarts House? As I nestled up in Hagrid’s Hut during a Harry Potter marathon, a wisp of smoke from my blunt curled up and formed a familiar Sorting Hat. Viola! I knew I had to sort this out!

The brave and daring Gryffindors might fancy Jack Herer, a strong and uplifting strain known to name anyone feel as courageous as a lion. This strain could come in handy when you’re pulling Harry, Ron, and Hermione-level stunts.

The loyal and patient Hufflepuffs would surely appreciate the sense of community that the shared Blue Dream strain could bring. Blue Dream’s calm euphoria mirrors a Hufflepuff’s valuing of peace, relaxation, and camaraderie.

Ravenclaws, known for their wit and wisdom, would find an apt pairing in the Green Crack strain. Known for its cerebrally stimulating high and focus enhancing properties, it might just help craft the next Ravenclaw-worthy riddle!

Finally, to the ambitious and cunning Slytherins, a strain as strong and potent as Durban Poison might appeal. Its power-packed effects compliment the drive and tenacity that fuels these serpents.

Last but not least, here’s a strain for you, brave non-house conformists – to all the Ilvermornys, the Durmstrangs, and other magical folk alike, Northern Lights could be your go-to. A well-balanced strain that embodies the diverse possibilities of the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts!

Remember, whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, enjoy puffing responsibly. Blaze bright, witches and wizards! Keep those wands high, your bowls full, and until our next magical misadventure, Mischief Managed!

harry potter weed marijuana

Favorite Weed Strains of Harry Potter Characters

Hey there, my fellow Hogwarts alumni! Let’s dive in and match some favorite strains to our beloved Harry Potter characters!

Harry Potter, our brave hero, would likely partake in Durban Poison. Known for enhancing focus and energy, it’s the perfect strain to fuel those daring battles and investigative journeys that Harry often finds himself in.

Hermione Granger, ever the studious bookworm, would appreciate the focused cerebral high of Acapulco Gold. This strain would keep her sharp and on top of that ever-growing stack of textbooks.

Ron Weasley, our loyal and easy-going companion, might enjoy GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). This comforting hybrid offers relaxation without numbing the mind entirely – perfect for a game of wizard’s chess.

harry potter weed marijuana

Professor Dumbledore, with his vast knowledge and calm demeanor, would likely appreciate the smooth blend of cerebral and physical relaxation that Master Kush offers.

For Snape, the multi-layered, enigmatic potions master, a complex strain like Purple Haze fits the bill. It offers cerebral stimulation with an undercurrent of soothing calmness.

Our lovely Luna Lovegood, whimsical and enigmatic, might go for the dreamlike qualities of Blue Dream. This euphoric and calming fave would resonate with her unique way of perceiving the world.

Hagrid, with a big heart and love for magical creatures, might enjoy the warmth and comforting calm of Bubba Kush. This could help him unwind after a day tending to Blast-Ended Skrewts!

As for Draco Malfoy, the ambitious and prideful Slytherin, a powerful strain like Gorilla Glue could match his intensity. It’s as potent as its namesake and could help Draco mellow out a bit.

And then we have the blissfully bighearted Neville Longbottom valuing relaxation over rigorous thought – he’d thrive on the mellow tranquility of Northern Lights.

Remember, Hogwarts students, blaze responsibly – Accio Lighter! And keep your secrets safe from You-Know-Who. Until our next magical journey, stay lifted and charmed, muggles, wizards, and witches!