super mario smoking weed getting high

Super Mario Gets High: What Would Each Character Smoke?

Hey, my fellow bud-loving gamers! Blaze Green here, your trustworthy toker and inter-gamer thinker. Ever wondered how some good ol’ herb would shake up the world of Super Mario? Well buckle up and spark up, cause we’re headed into the Mushroom Kingdom!

Once lodged in a quaint inn nestled in the rolling hills of South England, I stumbled upon a retro gaming console. As I dove back into my beloved Super Mario World, the thought hit me right before I lit the joint: What if our favorite Mario characters partook in a little toking themselves?

Mario, the hero and paragon of balance, would most likely enjoy AK-47. This hybrid strain provides a steady cerebral buzz accompanied by a comfortable physical relaxation. Perfect for battling Bowser yet again.

super mario smoking weed getting high

Luigi, our stalwart sidekick with a cautious nature, would likely prefer the soothing effects of Cannatonic. This strain is perfect for those looking for easy stress relief, a perfect fit for our man always in green.

Princess Peach, the regal damsel frequently in distress, would probably enjoy the royal treatment with some luxurious Platinum OG. It’s a profoundly relaxing and restful strain that could help her deal with Bowser’s incessant kidnapping attempts.

Bowser, the powerful villain, undoubtedly would choose a strain as potent as his fire-breath. Gorilla Glue #4, known for its heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, fitting for a character always scheming and clashing with the Super Mario Bros.

Toad, the lovable fun-guy (pun intended), would surely appreciate our beloved happy Hawaiian strain, Maui Wowie. It would enhance his cheerful personality, and keep him energetic while he aids Mario on his missions.

Finally, Yoshi! Mario’s faithful companion and a bit adventurer himself would likely go for Blue Dream. This strain offers full-body relaxation and dreamy cerebral effects, ideal for our playful dinosaur before another unexpected adventure.

super mario smoking weed getting high

Gaming and ganja, folks, might be a more delightful pairing than you previously thought! So whether you’re more of a Mario or a Bowser, remember to blaze responsibly. Until our next high-scoring adventure, play on and toke on!