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50 things do do while stoned: an epic bucket list of fun activities to enjoy when you’re high AF

What’s up, my green aficionados? Blaze Green here, your favorite weed enthusiast and globetrotting adventurer! Now, before we jump into the fun stuff today, let me tell you about this one time in Netherlands.

I was hanging out in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, fresh puff of White Widow sending tingles of pleasure through me, when I decided to buy a bicycle. Yes, you heard it right, I don’t mean “bike” as in a Harley, but a legit, old-school, no-engine-required bicycle. The idea? Oh, you ask such sweet, innocent questions – the idea was simple: to go on an unforgettable cycling adventure in my elevated state. To explore the city… to feel the rush of wind through my hair… to see the world swirling around me in a haze of pure, herb-infused bliss… But boy, let me tell you, riding a bike while baked may sound epic in theory but in practice, it’s a whole different ball game. And, this is coming from a guy who has surfed the waves of Bali stoned abstract. But that’s a story for another day.

So, what’s the point of this bicycle blasphemy I’ve indulged you into? It is to tell you that not all stoned-ventures go as planned. But fret not! Today, I’ve compiled the ultimate bucket list – the “Blaze Bucket List” – of things to do while you’re stoned. These fun activities are guaranteed to give you the best highs, offering a blend of excitement, creativity, and pure chilled-out vibe!

  1. Watch A Sunrise/Sunset: This is a favorite of mine. Find a comfy spot, spark up a joint of god’s green gift, and watch as Mother Nature performs the greatest show on earth.
  2. Camping Under The Stars: No city lights, just the gentle glow of your campfire and the infinite universe above. Share ghost stories, munch on a bag of Doritos, and let the star-studded sky guide you to dreamy wonderland.
  3. Visit an Aquarium: Trust me, fish are more interesting when you’re blitzed. Marvel at the psychedelic jellyfish and the seemingly grinning dolphins. And the swirling colors of the coral reef? Man, that’s a trip!
aquarium stoned
  1. Try Art: No, you don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy this. Paint something, sculpt anything, or even try some good old finger-painting. The results can range from hilarious to surprisingly deep, and you’ll have a stoned masterpiece!
  2. Listen to Pink Floyd: There is music…and then there is Pink Floyd. Sharing a joint with the ethereal tunes by this legendary band? Man, you’ll be on “The Dark Side of the Moon” before you know it.
  3. Stoned Yoga: Blend a zen practice with a zen plant! Focus on your breathing, score some extra flexibility and relax into a level of tranquility you never knew existed.
  4. Try a New Cuisine: Everything tastes better when you are high, even if it’s something out-of-the-box like snails in garlic butter, or simple like French fries dipped in milkshake.
  5. Cook a Feast: Speaking of food, get in the kitchen and whip up a feast. Guarantee it’s the best tasting Pineapple Express pizza you’ll ever eat.
  6. Stargaze: A pure, unfiltered night sky is a captivating sight when stoned.
  7. Binge-watch Cartoons: Trust me, when you’re toasted, the adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants will take on epic proportions!

These are just a few things on my “Blaze Bucket List”. So what’s on your bucket list? Remember, the world’s an awesome place, especially when you’re seeing it through green-tinted glasses. Stay lifted, my friends!

More bucket list activities for stoners

Still here, my leaf-loving amigos! Those first 10 were easy, newbie activities to do while stoned AF, but maybe you need some more creative ideas… In the spirit of all things fun and fabulous, allow me to illustrate today’s escapade in the wacky world of tickling your THC senses.

There I was, blissfully balmy on the backwaters of Kerala, drifting on a canoe, doing my best to navigate through dizzying mermaid visions. Yes, I was as high as the stars themselves as my paddles became oars, my canoe a Spanish Galleon, and I, an intrepid captain on a high seas adventure. If feathered friends did not ‘casually’ drop by and snack on my Doritos, my Pocahontas meets Pirates of the Caribbean journey might’ve taken me all the way to Atlantis.

After that fascinating expedition, it has inspired me to ratchet things up and crank out a list of mega-things to do while basking in the blaze:

  1. Adult Coloring Book: Bring out your inner Picasso with a mind-bending splash of color, on a psychedelic pattern! It’s just you, a blaze of color, and creative realms you never knew existed.
marijuana adult coloring book
  1. Scavenger Hunt: Organize a stoned scavenger hunt featuring your munchies or 420 accessories. You’ll be amazed at how hard you’ll laugh watching folks trying to remember where they hid the peanut butter cups.
  2. Stoned Haunted House: Have you ever walked through a haunted house while stoned? It’s a riot of laughs, shivers and unexpected bouts of deep philosophical discussions.
  3. Start a Comedy Show: With your buddies giggling with marijuana-induced mirth, why not step up on your “us-own-ic” (aka, homemade) stage and crack everyone up with your hilarious stories!
  4. 3 Word Story Game: You start a story with three words and everyone adds three more. It could go on for hours, turning into the most madcap saga ever spun!
  5. Virtual Reality Gaming: Step into another dimension with a VR headset. Trust me, when you’re blitzed, you are there, in that world.
  6. Ganja Gourmet Delights: Challenge your gastronomic genius and invent a marvelous blend of wild flavors. Olive oil ice cream with mandarin coulis, anyone?
  7. Play a Musical Instrument: Even if you’ve never played one, it’s utterly absorbing, and you might surprise yourself with your latent prowess! Drums, harmonicas, the sitar – go nuts!
  8. Dance Party: Crank up your favorite tunes, let loose and let the groove infect your spirit. Dance like no one’s watching. Because if they’re as stoned as you, they probably aren’t.
  9. Stoned Olympics: Sack race, T-Rex arms cup-stacking, or slow-motion running – the sillier the games, the better!

You know that crazy trip of mine to the burning expanses of the Nevada desert? When I woke up after a night of full-blown revelry wearing nothing but my socks and clutching a moon rock resembling an alien? Yeah, good times!

Buoyed by such experiences and inspired by your dare-devilry, I present you the ultimate stoner bucket list – “Blaze’s Dare List”. These activities are less about chilling, far more about epic stories you’ll be boasting about when you’re old and grey. So buckle up, let’s journey to the wild side!

  1. Stoner Skydiving: Imagine soaring through the skies after a magical puff. Harness that adrenaline rush and combine it with the euphoric tranquility of your favorite strain.
  2. Hotbox a Sauna: A literal ‘hotbox’! The heat intensifies the high and it’s a fun way to experiment with new levels of relaxation. Careful though, keep the hydration and safety checks close.
  3. Synchronized Swim Stoned: Get a bunch of water-loving buds together, spark up, and attempt to do a full synchronized swimming routine. Just don’t forget your armbands!
  4. Cannabis Hide and Seek: Create a thrilling game. Radically elevate the stakes by making the finder take the prize – a well-rolled joint. Talk about motivation to hide well!
  5. White-water Toking: How’s that for extreme? Safety checks advised. Experience the adrenaline surge while you’re high! Not for the faint of heart.
  6. Climb a Mountain: Get stoned and be on top of the world. Remember to stay safe!
mountain top hike success
  1. Cannabis Food Challenge: Can you invent an unbeatable cannabis food pairing? You have 10 minutes, 5 ingredients, and must include one strain. Measuring the ‘weirdness and awesomeness’ quotient gets funnier as the game goes on.
  2. Film a Stoner Short: Try making a movie while high. It can be as hilarious as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or as weirdly thought-provoking as The Big Lebowski.
  3. Dank Karaoke: Belt out Bohemian Rhapsody or do your gutsy rendition of gangsta rap. Stoned karaoke night is an unforgettable event.
  4. Stoned Improv: Unleash your inner comedian. Stoned improv session could lead to uncontrollable laughter fits or deeply empathetic conversations about life, the universe, and Doritos.

Picture this: Me, waist-deep in the icy Chicago River, wrestling a not-so-inflatable alligator, all whilst in a euphoric haze of a potent Blue Dream. Crazy, you say? Well, my friends, it was hilariously legendary.

So, you want a bucket list of mad, off-the-beaten-path fun to experience whilst surfing the green wave? Buckle up, let’s ratchet this up to 11 with Blaze’s crazy canna-challenge list:

  1. High Haiku Contest: Write a haiku about your current high. The funny, the poignant, the ridiculously absurd – it’s all possible when you’re blazed.
  2. Stoner Puppet Show: Make little joint puppets and put on a show, complete with different voices for each character! Shakespearian classics or bizarre alien rom-coms – go wild!
muppets high on weed
  1. Ganja Fashion Show: Begin by creating outfits from random items in your house (the weirder the better), add some sweet ganja into the mix, and strut down your hallway like it’s Milan’s fashion week.
  2. Stoned Stand-Up: Channel your inner Dave Chappelle or Sarah Silverman. Trust me, when you’re baked, everything’s funny!
  3. E.T. Phone Home: Create amazing tin-foil alien signals and send vibes into space. Who knows, you might initiate the intergalactic peace treaty!
  4. Blindfolded Yoga: The challenge, balance, and hilarity that ensues… this activity will have you in splits (quite literally, for some).
  5. Cannabis Bob Ross Challenge: Get your friends together, put on a Bob Ross tutorial, light up a joint, and follow along. Hilarity and surprisingly poignant pieces of art will follow.
  6. Geocaching Gone Green: Imagine treasure hunting, but instead of a treasure, there’s a sneaky strain waiting for you (planted by a trustworthy friend, of course!). An exciting, active, and ultimately rewarding adventure.
  7. Whacky Edibles Bake-Off: From cookies to pasta, there are so many recipes where you can substitute butter with the sweet greens. Get creative and giggly!
gourmet cake edibles weed
  1. Weed Swath Water-skiing: Smoking and skiing? As crazy as it sounds, it is a legendary canna-challenge for the daring and brave. Just remember, the safety bodyguard is a must!

Looking for more meaningful activities?

Remember when I told you about that time I found myself in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, meditating in a cloud of local Nepalese weed? Yeah, that was a moment of revelation, self-discovery, and profound joy… and also an inspiring one.

With that in mind, I bring to you a unique blend of a scavenger hunt and good ole’ bucket list. This one’s for developing an appreciation for beauty, humans, the universe, and everything in between – all while you are blissfully blazed. The purpose? To create experiences that plant happiness seeds for a lifetime.

  1. Watch a Meteor Shower: Get blazed, and marvel at the celestial fireworks. It’s about taking in the vastness of the universe and our place in it.
  2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen: Experiencing the act of giving when you’re high can be deeply rewarding, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and love for humanity.
  3. Plant a Tree: Not only will it help the environment, but it will also make you feel connected to the earth in a profound way.
  4. Write a Love Letter: To a partner, to a family member, or heck, even to yourself. Profess your feelings of love and you will move your own heart – an amazing sentiment when high.
marijuana valentine's love letter
  1. Capture a Sunrise and Sunset: Documenting these majestic moments of the day can help you develop a deep appreciation for nature’s unbeatable artistry.
  2. A Random Act of Kindness: It might be feeding the homeless, or giving out flowers to strangers… Being thoughtful under the influence of a joyful high improves the pleasure derived from the act.
  3. Write a Song: Even if you’re not musically inclined. It’s not about making a masterpiece; it’s about listening to your heart sing.
  1. Create Art in Nature: Using twigs, stones, fallen leaves, and so on, make meaningful art unique to you. This experience of oneness with nature while high is a different ball game.
  2. Experience Zero Gravity: Ever wondered how it would feel to be out in space, away from the pull of gravity? Now, imagine adding a comfortable high to elevate your senses whilst doing so.
  3. Join a Protest: Fight for a cause that matters to you. Stand up for justice with your fellow brothers and sisters, whilst in the blissful haze of your favorite strain.

This bucket list isn’t about cheap thrills; these are epic tales of self-discovery, growth, love, and human connection. My dear buds, seek out these incredible, life-changing experiences. Stay blazed, stay amazed!

So, there it is. Blaze’s Ultimate Dare List! Remember, only pursue any dare in a safe and controlled environment. Have fun, fly high and always stay safe, dear stoners. Until next time, stay lifted!