weed logos and unicode emojis

152 weed emojis, cannabis logos and marijuana unicodes

It’s kind of ridiculous that Unicode hasn’t made any weed emojis, even though they keep adding ridiculous things we don’t need. So I took it upon myself as a designer to make these 152 weed logos and symbols.

You can use these anywhere (even in a free business logo!), just link back to this page. If you want to use one as a custom logo, let me know and I can remove it + add text for your company name.

Right now these are just in sets of 4, so you’ll need to zoom in and screenshot the one you like and crop it out. However I’m going to take all my favorites and make tiny transparent png’s, so you can just copy/paste them into text messages or emails, just like normal emojis and unicodes. If you like these, let me know or give me some suggestions for more!