Mary jane’s garden weed seeds review 2023

Mary Jane’s Garden Weed Seeds Review 2023

Heyyy yo y’all, what’s up this beez a California boy and pothead surfer dude reporting back to y’all with a review of Mary Jane’s Garden weed seeds, 2023 soooo let’s get to smokedat sh!t


When I opened up this package, the first thing I saw was the most amazing looking art work ever seen, kinda of reminds me of that legendary boardwalk in Torrey Pines with like a sunset and chilled out reef kind of vibe, an absolutely perfect chill ass vibe. Inside was a flashy plastic container with some wild ass magnetic closure, it ain’t gonna spill like ever which is dope.


Yeah this stuff definitely has that signature skunk, I can just smell it in the air for miles, when I spark it up, it’s like nothing else I ever experienced before, sweet, smooth, and obviously amazing with a bit of that Kushy vibe that I was totally feelin’


Well lemme tell ya, these effects are super awesome, they take you high without without getting to checked out like with the reefer madness stuff but it still got you smilin’ and groovin’.


  • Unique artwork on package
  • Smells amazing and tastes so sweet
  • High as hell but still under control and chill


  • None, never been a better seed out there unless it’s Mary Jane’s

Final Thoughts

Yeah so I mean this seed is the real deal, it just hits the spot and will have you chillin like never before, it’s definitely going on my must-have list, don’t sleep on this shizz, Mary Jane’s Garden weed seed is da bomb! much love !!!