best weed for personality

What’s Your Strain, Dude? The Best Weed According to Your Enneagram Type

Hello, kindred spirits! It’s Blaze Green here, your trusty hippie guide. Today we’re gonna maneuver through the mystical world of Enneagrams and explore how they link up with your favorite herb! But first, a little anecdote from my adventures!

Once upon a time, as I hiked my way through the captivating Sagarmatha forests of Nepal, I stumbled upon an eccentric yogi who promised to reveal the secrets of my inner self. In exchange? A puff of my Californian Orange. Intrigued and high, I agreed.

After what seemed like hours of introspection and chatter, the yogi boldly proclaimed me a Type Seven – The Enthusiast. That was my Enneagram type. The world started to make a little more sense, as did my fondness for that uplifting, energizing Californian Orange!

So what’s the link between our Enneagram types and our favorite strains, you ask? Let’s find out!

Type 1

Type One, or The Perfectionist, you’re always searching for balance. Try the hybrid strain Blue Dream; it will bring both calm and focus, helping you relax without giving in to complete couch-lock.

Type 2

Calling all Type Twos or The Helpers. You spend your days caring for others, now it’s time to care for yourself. The nurturing Indica strain, Northern Lights, will relax your mind and body, allowing you to embrace self-care.

Type 3

Type Three? You are The Achiever, driven, and goal-oriented. Sativa strain, Green Crack with its energizing high, will help you skyrocket towards those golden dreams.

Type 4

For our introspective Type Four or The Individualists, the beautiful blend of creativity and tranquility of the Purple Haze strain will embrace your emotional depth.

best weed for personality

Type 5

Hello, Type Five, also known as The Investigator. To complement your intellectual curiosity and intensity, reach for Jack Herer, known for its clear-headed, focusing high.

Type 6

Calling all Type Six, The Loyalist, choose the reliable OG Kush. Its blend of euphoria and relaxation will ease your anxieties and enhance your naturally grounded nature.

Type 7

As a Type Seven: The Enthusiast, I recommend trying Durban Poison. Its cerebral, creativity-sparking high resonates with Seven’s zest for life.

Type 8

Attention, Type Eight, The Challenger. Your natural strength and leadership qualities pair beautifully with the energetic, focus-enhancing effects of Strawberry Cough.

Type 9

Finally, Type Nine, The Peacemaker, enjoy the ultimate relaxation with the peaceful, sleepy high from Granddaddy Purple.

best weed for personality

So there you have it, dear stoners! A guide to pairing your Enneagram type with the perfect weed strain just for you. Remember, blaze responsibly and take time to understand the effects of these lovely green herbs! Until our next green adventure, stay peaceful, and high, folks! Explore, feel, and enjoy the green goodness!