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Ace the Job Interview: The Best Weed Strains for Pre-Interview Nerves

Hey you, job-seekers, interviewees, and go-getters! Blaze Green here, with some sage advice to help you nail that next big interview. For this go-around, we’re dealing with strains that would soothe your performance nerves, sharpen your focus, and let your confidence shine. But first, let’s hop into the way-back-machine to the time when I catapulted into the cannabis industry, full-bodied.

As luck had it, I landed an interview with one of the trendiest cannabis start-ups in town. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, there was no doubting my excitement. But hidden beneath that wide grin and eager gaze was a storm of nerves, threatening to quash my confidence. Luckily for me, I came armed with my secret weapon — Harlequin.

Though named after a playful jester from Italian comedies, Harlequin was no joke when it came to taming my pre-interview jitters. It diffused the ticking anxiety bomb, leaving me calm, focused, and all set to impress. The big day came and went, and so did my nerves, thanks to the maestro of marijuana moderation!

weed for job interviews marijuana office

All right, now that you’ve got that image of me crusading into the cannabis industry in shining armor, let’s focus on some pre-interview strains that you can count on.

First up, we have Sour Diesel, a crowd favorite and reliable choice for beating back the anxiety beast. Its potent, fast-acting effects provide an invigorating burst of energy that stimulates your mind while keeping the nerves at bay.

Next, we have the ever-reliable ACDC. This strain is a superstar when it comes to reducing stress, thanks to its high CBD to THC ratio. Not only does it calm your nerves, but it also keeps you grounded and focused. This strain won’t leave you feeling high, just relaxed and ready for whatever the interviewer throws your way.

Speaking of focus, let’s not forget about Super Silver Haze. This sativa-dominant strain breeds creativity and spurs a clear head, perfect for composing thoughtful responses to those tricky interview questions.

weed for job interviews marijuana office

Another gem is Jack Herer, a strain that offers a well-balanced high, helping you feel relaxed yet alert and conversational. Imagine walking into the interview room, brimming with an infectious energy that leaves the employer wanting more – that’s the power of Jack for you.

Lastly, for those final moments before stepping into the interview room, Chocolope‘s got your back. This strain is known for its uplifting effects, providing that last bit of confidence boost you need to ace the interview.

Remember, while these strains can help soothe your nerves, your skills, experience, and personality are the true stars of the show. So, more power to you, my friends! Blaze on and let’s conquer life, one job interview at a time.

weed for job interviews marijuana office

PS – it might be smart to invest in a pen, so you don’t go to the job interview stinking of weed (we love it, but not everybody appreciates the skunky smell).