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Best weed strains for your Myers Briggs personality type

The best marijuana for your personality can be hard to track down, but luckily we’ve got several socially-approved personality tools to help narrow down on our unique behaviors and challenges.

Do feel like your Myers Briggs personality type fits you? Then keep reading for our weed recommendations!

Personally, I didn’t really get into the MBTI stuff until I found the memes for my type, INTP. And they’re just so precise it hurts. We are, apparently, the worlds WORST procrastinators. So you might think weed wouldn’t help me be more productive… but it does.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein

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Take the personality test

If you don’t know your sign then you should figure it out, you can take an easy online quiz to get a sense of where you land, and then I’d recommend searching for relevant memes and seeing if they fit you.

Once you’ve figured out your type, scroll down for weed recommendation to help you achieve your goals.

What’s your MBTI Type?

Each type is then listed by its four-letter code:

  • ISTJ – The Inspector
  • ISTP – The Crafter
  • ISFJ – The Protector
  • ISFP – The Artist
  • INFJ – The Advocate
  • INFP – The Mediator
  • INTJ – The Architect
  • INTP – The Thinker
  • ESTP – The Persuader
  • ESTJ – The Director
  • ESFP – The Performer
  • ESFJ – The Caregiver
  • ENFP – The Champion
  • ENFJ – The Giver
  • ENTP – The Debater
  • ENTJ – The Commander

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Before you find a dispensary nearby…

Take some of our other tests and see if you get any overlaps for the type of stains that might be most beneficial!

You are unique and special. The right weed will make you feel more like yourself, and more like who you want to be. Or it might just make you perfectly satisfied being exactly as you are.

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