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Fly High: The Best Weed Strains for Long Flights

Hello jet-setters and globetrotters! Blaze Green here with a first-class guide to the strains needed for those long-haul flights. We’re talking strains that keep you relaxed, entertained, and detached from those annoying little inconveniences that can come with air travel.

But let me prime you with an anecdote from my flight to Amsterdam, the land of tulips, windmills, bicycles – and of course, the famous coffee shops. Fifteen hours – that’s what stood between me and the weed capital of the world. Looking down at the row of daunting flight hours set before me on my ticket, I decided it was about time for a certain Skywalker to lift me off into the fluffy, cloud-riddled heavens.

Oh, Skywalker OG, my trusted ally for long flights. With just a few puffs from my vaporizer pre-flight, I gradually succumbed to the Force (pun intended), melting into my economy-class seat that now seemed a throne in the clouds. Before I knew it, the humming engines were a gentle lullaby, and the cramped legroom was lost to a blissful, dream-ridden escape. I arrived in Amsterdam rested, relaxed, and ready to dive into the Dutch canna-culture.

So, let’s embark on our in-flight cannabis selection.

Skywalker OG, as from my tale, is a robust indica-dominant strain renowned for its powerful, sedative properties. Stressed about turbulence or anxious about the flight? Skywalker OG helps paint a relaxing picture of your journey up in the air.

Blue Dream is another high-flying favorite. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain ensures you stay cool and composed throughout the flight. Expect a gentle cerebral invigoration that can make in-flight movies more exciting, views more captivating, and the food? Well, it’ll still be airplane food – Blue Dream’s magic only goes so far.

Next, we have Northern Lights, a pure indica strain that’s excellent for those who want to snooze their way through the journey. Its calm, sedative effects can have you sleeping like a baby while cruising thousands of feet above ground.

Then there’s Harlequin, a CBD-dominant strain known to keep anxiety in check. Worried about the bustle of boarding or the surreal sensation of takeoff? Harlequin can make these moments more manageable, leaving you calm and comfortable.

Finally, I’d recommend Purple Haze. This uplifting sativa strain won’t just make you feel good – it keeps you engaged and entertained, perfect for those who prefer staying awake and indulging in a good book, some music, or an interesting podcast.

Remember, folks, it’s essential to respect the local cannabis laws, both in the area you’re leaving and your destination. Always stay on the right side of the law and enjoy your high-flying adventures responsibly and respectfully. With that, Blaze Green signing off — strap in, journey safe, and as always, stay lifted!