historical marijuana use history and culture

High History: The Role of Weed in Major Historical Events

Hey there, my history-loving hemp enthusiasts! Today we’re journeying back in time to dig up some ‘high history’. Fasten your seatbelts and light up – let’s explore the pivotal role of our darling green goddess in shaping our world’s history!

Ancient Beginnings: Cannabis wasn’t always associated with midnight munchies and dorm rooms. Its journey began around 500 BCE in Asia, where it was used for food, oil, and fiber. It was also incorporated into religious rituals and medicine. The oldest known written record on cannabis use comes from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2727 BC. He knew what was up!

marijuana in ancient china

Vikings & Cannabis: Yeah, you read that right. Our seafaring warrior friends were pretty clued into the value of the green crop. They took cannabis with them on their nomadic voyages, using it for making rope and cloth around 800 AD. A Viking without his trusty hemp rope was like a hipster without his craft beer!

Jammin’ with Jazz: Fast forward to the roaring 20s in the USA, cannabis found its rhythm with the Jazz culture. In the face of prohibition, musicians like Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway often attested to ‘muggles’ (a slang term for marijuana at the time) for inspiring their creative symphonies.

WWII ‘Hemp for Victory’: Cannabis’s industrial cousin, hemp, had a starring role in World War II. When supplies of Manila hemp used for parachutes and marine cordage got cut off, the US government encouraged farmers to grow hemp and even released a film called ‘Hemp for Victory’. Talk about a heroic plant!

world war II marijuana

Space Race High: Jumping to 1990s, as part of the space race, NASA sent cannabis seeds into space to see the effects of zero gravity on their germination. The results? In space, no one can hear you grow weed!

Lighting Up Legalization: The key historical landmark on the road to marijuana acceptance was perhaps its legalization in Colorado and Washington in 2012, the first states to end marijuana prohibition in law and kickstart a wave of marijuana reform worldwide.

Our darling green plant has lush roots, mingling with humanity and shaping history. From being an ancient medicine to a catalyst for cultural formation and a war-time hero, cannabis has had its hand (or leaf) in the sands of time. So, during your next smoke circle, share these enthralling tales and pass the joint and the knowledge. Stay enlightened, my history buffs, until our next high history lesson!

historical marijuana use history and culture

Famous Stoners in History: Who Really Loved Their Weed?

Hello, my candid cannabis connoisseurs! Prepare to be surprised as we delve into a delightfully green chapter of history, revealing some of our past’s most famous faces that loved their weed just as much as you and I do.

William Shakespeare: That’s right – the Bard himself might have been more than just a casual observer of the ‘green-eyed monster.’ Scientists found traces of cannabis on pipe fragments in his Stratford-upon-Avon garden. Perhaps ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was really a midsummer night’s smoke session? Only Puck knows!

shakespeare marijuana

Carl Sagan: This brilliant astronomer and science communicator was not shy about his love for the herb. He famously wrote about marijuana under the pseudonym Mr. X and regarded it as a tool that enhanced creativity, insight, and intellectual experiences. Talk about a real star-gazer!

Louis Armstrong: The iconic jazz musician was an unabashed fan of ‘muggles’ or ‘gage,’ which was a slang for marijuana during his time. He often credited it as an essential part of his creative process. And who can argue with the man who gave us ‘What a Wonderful World’?

louis armstrong weed

Pablo Picasso: This revolutionary artist, integral to the development of Cubism, reportedly enjoyed his cannabis. Maybe the insightful visions and geometric perspectives in his work had a little help from the ‘green fairy’? The art world may never know.

George Washington: Before he was the first President of the United States, Washington was a prolific farmer with a particular interest in growing cannabis for its industrial uses as hemp. Many still speculate whether some of this harvest was used for more ‘recreational’ purposes.

Queen Victoria: Royal tokers are a thing too! The famously prudish queen is believed to have used cannabis to alleviate her menstrual cramps, as per her royal physician Sir J. Russell Reynolds’ recommendation.

queen victoria marijuana

Hunter S. Thompson: The famous gonzo journalist who broke the barriers between writer and subject was a long-time proponent of many drugs, including marijuana. Thompson’s drug-fueled exploits were immortalized in his book, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’

Look at these historical green thumbs! It seems like cannabis has stimulated inspiration, insight, and cultural innovation for centuries. So, next time you light one up, remember – you’re in some seriously famous company! Keep on tokin’, my friends, until the next trip down the leafy lane of history!