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Best weed according to your religion

I don’t brag about this, but I have degrees in philosophy and theology, and did a PhD in comparative religious symbolism. One of my favorite things to share is the historical and cultural evidence that most world religions – and their enigmatic founders – smoked weed or consumed cannabis.

So this little thought experiment aims to break down weed strains according to their geographic origin, historical time period, and the cultural-religious sentiment which nourished religious inspiration.

And while you might think your religion prohibits cannabis or marijuana (“the devil’s lettuce”) I can actually point out scriptural evidence that will surprise you.

What would Jesus smoke?

Albert Einstein

Coming soon!


The best weed for Christians.

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I’ll share some research soon.

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The best weed for Bhuddhists.

I’d like to do the six major world religions, but I’ll need some time to break it all down.

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