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114 most popular weed strains of 2022

My mom is going to Disneyland soon and wants to prepare for the most popular Marvel ride, Avengers Campus. But she’s worried she doesn’t really know what Marvel is or who the Avengers are. And there’s so many of them – she doesn’t have time to sit through and watch each individual backstory for all the unique superheroes.

I recommended she just watch Endgame – where they all teamup and use their unique strengths to battle Thanos and save the world. Likewise, I collected this post of the most popular marijuana strains for 2022 so you can get a *quick peek* at the Internet’s favorite weed.

These are what people are searching for, these are the coolest names, and some of them are actually great. But not all of them. Just because they’re popular, doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

But as a starting point, it’s a good idea to get acquainted even if you forget most of them right away.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein

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Top 100 weed strains

We used a very lazy and unscientific method of pulling SEO data from the most popular weed blogs to see what strains were trending, and then ordered them accordingly – so this list goes from *most* popular to less popular (but it’s based only on popularity and not sorted by type).

We’ll use our own symbols for sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

  1. gelato strain
  2. purple punch
  3. gorilla glue
  4. sour diesel
  5. OG kush
  6. bubba kush
  7. runtz
  8. dosidos
  9. girl scout cookies
  10. skywalker
  11. blue dream
  12. grand daddy purple
  13. mimosa
  14. sunset sherbert
  15. bruce banner
  16. sunset sherbert
  17. gmo strain
  18. durban poison
  19. grape ape
  20. pineapple epxress
  21. biscotti
  22. cherry pie
  23. purple kush
  24. jet fuel
  25. jack herer
  26. northern lights
  27. fruity pebbles
  28. tahoe og
  29. lemon haze
  30. sfv og
  31. green crack
  32. gelato
  33. trainwreck
  34. maui wowie
  35. ak47
  36. cookies and cream
  37. alien og
  38. strawberry banana
  39. forbidden fruit
  40. king louie
  41. og sour
  42. hindu kush
  43. tangie strain
  44. master kush
  45. cheese strain
  46. headband strain
  47. golden goat
  48. g13
  49. candyland
  50. white rhino
  51. apple fritter
  52. lemon OG
  53. stardawg
  54. blueberry strain
  55. ghost train haze
  56. larry og
  57. super silver haze
  58. bubble gum
  59. purple haze
  60. strawberry cough
  61. orange agent
  62. purple urkle
  63. chem dog
  64. clementine
  65. la confidential
  66. kosher kush
  67. haze sativa
  68. amnesia haze
  69. kandy kush
  70. black jack
  71. god gift
  72. ice cream
  73. jilly bean
  74. skittles
  75. triangle kush
  76. papaya
  77. critical kush
  78. cinderella 99
  79. mk ultra
  80. romulan
  81. critical mass
  82. harlequin
  83. alaskan thunder
  84. vanilla kush
  85. wedding cake
  86. caviar gold
  87. presidential og
  88. cannatonic
  89. uk cheese
  90. amnesia strains chernobyl
  91. skunk strain
  92. lavendar
  93. seattle edibles
  94. snowcap
  95. ac dc
  96. jesus og
  97. god bud
  98. j1
  99. royal kush
  100. power plant
  101. cheech and chong games
  102. high time weed
  103. artizen
  104. hawaiian
  105. kryptonite
  106. the widow
  107. death strain
  108. afghani goo
  109. candy cookies
  110. off white og
  111. zours strain
  112. europhic acid
  113. dino acid
  114. og 13 strain

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Which of these strains is your most favorite? Please comment so we can build a top ten roundup from this list! Also – we’re smoking as much as we can to sample the top 114 strains and right in depth reviews, but we could really use your help. We’re looking for casual, thoughtful reflections of how you think, feel and act when high on a certain strain and attempting certain activities.

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Weed strains for productivity and life improvement

Honestly we’re a little sick of all the self-help blogs that focus only on clean, healthy living, as if waking up early and yoga will cure everything. Marijuana as a health supplement can make you more active and energetic, boost positive thinking and confidence, and make you more productive at work. You deserve to feel better about yourself, the world and the life you’re living.

Some of these marijuana strains can be hard to track down, but find a store near you and grab what’s available.

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