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Strange But True: Unbelievable Weed Facts You Never Knew

Welcome back, my herb-loving chums, for another unforgettable trip on the Blaze Express! Now, let’s roll up some knowledge joints and light up the torch of wisdom, as I reveal some mind-blowing weed facts that might just get you higher than a kite.

  1. Weed in space? Believe it or not, cannabis has made it to space! That’s right, folks, the final frontier isn’t just for Star Trek nerds. Back in 2019, a company called Space Tango sent a strain of low-THC hemp to the International Space Station. Plans are brewing for future endeavors, so who knows? Maybe Martian Green is right around the corner.
  1. Land of 420: The classic stoner code ‘420’ is not just an arbitrary number but a full-blown cultural phenomenon. The term was coined by a group of high school tokers back in 1971, the “Waldo’s”, in San Rafael, California, who assembled at 4:20 PM to hunt for a hidden cannabis plant. Now, we got a whole day to celebrate – April 20th, aka Weed Day!
  2. Weed-be-Gone: If you’ve ever worried about how long that last puff will stay in your system, here’s an eye-popping fact – traces of THC can be detected for up to 90 days in hair follicles. Now, that’s what I call a long-term relationship!
  3. Weed Tea, Anyone?: Here’s a page from the ancient history of cannabis – weed-infused brews were used in ancient China as an herbal medicine as early as 2737 BC. Cannabis was brewed into tea for its numerous health benefits, long before anyone ever rolled up a joint!
ancient chinese cannabis tea
  1. Baked Shakespeare: Fancy a side of Sonnet 18 with your cannabis? Well, you’re in good company. Research has found cannabis residue in the remains of pipes found in Shakespeare’s garden, suggesting that the Bard himself may have been fond of a puff or two.
  2. Mother Knows Best: Ever wonder where marijuana gets its distinct aroma? Terpenes! Just like how your mom’s cooking has that unique smell, terpenes give each strain of marijuana its unique fragrance and flavor profile!
  3. Stoned Age: Archaeologists have discovered evidence suggesting prehistoric humans were using cannabis about 2,500 years ago. They unearthed wooden braziers containing remnants of cannabis at an ancient burial site in western China. Prehistoric Puff, anyone?

So, my fellow pot pals, there you have it – cannabis, the mystery herb that just keeps intriguing with her wellness, wackiness, and wonder. Until our next botanical adventure, stay educated, elevated, and remember: sharing is caring – be sure to pass this knowledge joint around!